ViaCyte is currently running a safety, tolerability and efficacy study of VC-01 combination product in subjects with T1D. identifier NCT02239354

Next Step to Alleviating T1D  - UPDATED 11/2019 


ViaCyte formerly Novocell Inc. , a leader in regenerative medical devices out of San Diego, CA, has filed an application with the FDA to begin Phase1 / 2 human Clinical Trials in patients with T1D.
The Encaptra (VC-01) delivery system is an encapsulation device that operates much the same way as a human healthy pancreas.  The device is about the size of a band-aid containing progenitor stem cells (PEC-01)  that develop into pancreatic cells with the ability to respond to blood sugar levels and produce the hormones, insulin, glucagon, amylin needed to control shifts in BG.

Three products are under development. Pec Direct progenitor cells in a pouch without protection requiring the use of immunosuppressive agents

Pec Encap which employs VC-01 system in an encapsulation device that will protect these cells from the body's immune system. And, PEC QT whose individual cells are individually protected from the body's defenses but whose pouch system will allow blood vessels direct access to the interior of the pouch. These three systems are presented in the video provided on BDF's homepage

This research is being supported by JDRF. An article written in Diabetes Mine reflects on four other companies presently working on encapsulation devices.