To raise awareness of the distinct difference between stable type 1 diabetics and those diagnosed as being brittle;


To end the myth that brittle is just an archaic term and nothing more than an uncommon complication of type1 and instead focus on the uniqueness of brittleness which has a cause, which when treated, restores the patient to a stable type1 condition;


To provide an educational website for health care professionals and for diabetics experiencing uncontrollable, unpredictable and unstable shifts in BG levels - a place for them to share their experiences and to realize that they're not alone in this struggle for survival;


To get the remaining major health organizations  WHO, IDF, and JDRF to recognize the existence of brittle diabetes as a rare disease and as a separate and distinct form of Type 1 diabetes as supported by the NIH and NORD.


To increase awareness amongst those physicians who rarely ever get to see a true brittle diabetic in their practice not to be so quick as to label them as non-compliant. But rather, take the time to determine their patient's level of glucose instability and, if brittleness is suspected, be willing to play detective in determining its likely cause.


To develop a national list of physicians and hospitals/clinics with expertise in the care and treatment of brittle diabetes.  


To promote the development of technological advances geared to improving the life of those with diabetes;


To ultimately develop a Brittle Diabetes Center for customized treatment of those individuals diagnosed as being Brittle.