NOW AVAILABLE IN ISRAEL AND EUROPE                             PAGE UPDATED 12/2019


Integrity Applications, a research company in Ashdod, Israel, develops and markets medical devices - in this case a non-invasive glucose monitoring device for use by people with diabetes. The Gluco Track model DF-F employs a combination of ultrasound, electromagnetic and thermal technologies together with a proprietary algorithm to obtain blood glucose levels without drawing a blood sample.  It utilizes a small sensor that is clipped to a person’s ear lobe and connected ( now wireless) to a hand held monitor display about the size of a smart phone. This will allow Type 2 and those considered to be pre-diabetics to test their BG levels more frequently without the pain associated with needle pricking and reduce cost by the elimination of test strips in the day to day management of the disease. Test results indicate a positive correlation between Gluco Track DF-F readings and those obtained from conventional invasive devices. The unit has yet to receive FDA approval here in the US

Cost approx $2,200. 

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