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Social media is changing the way people deal with diabetes and its management. The internet has allowed people with diabetes a tool to not only educate themselves on how best to live with the ailment on a daily basis but to be able to interact with and share their experiences with others. Type 1 diabetes can be a lethal disease having both an emotional as well as physical impact on those afflicted. BDF looks to provide visitors to this site an opportunity to share experiences and to interact with others.  Blogging is one way to interact.           

People afflicted with Brittle Type 1 Diabetes (BT1D) are few and far between. We hope these sites will allow users to link up with other individuals or families facing a difficult but not impossible road ahead.  Here is a short list of popular blog sites for those newly diagnosed individuals and their families.




JDRFOneNation       - Best 23 Blog sites for T1D