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The insulin pump market in the USA is in a state of flux. List of pumps currently being sold include:


                                                      Medtronic            MiniMed Paradigm
                            Real Time Revel
                                  - 530G

                                  - 630G

              NEW HYBRID - 670G      

Insulet Corp.       Omnipod Dash

Tandem            T:flex

                        T:Slim X2 combo

The general consensus – the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Primary benefits include:

95% reduction in the number of yearly injections ( PUMP - 122 insertions – changed every 3 days vs the Pen or Syringe - 2,190 injections – average 6 per day)

Delivery of insulin more accurate to within .025 units/dose


Evidence is mounting that hypoglycemic episodes (lows) are less likely to occur.
Continuous 24/7 insulin infusion (the basal rate) results in a decrease in the seesaw shift in BG levels. It eliminates the need for long lasting insulin.

Alarm settings protect against hypo and hyper episodes from getting out of control.

Overall management of diabetes is made easier allowing for more flexibility in what and when you eat.

There are several brands of insulin pumps presently being marketed in the USA. Only one, the Omnipod is tubeless.

All pumps operate  in somewhat the same way. They each provide a continuous infusion of rapid acting insulin 24/7 called the basal rate which is adjustable. The pump can be programmed to provide bolus insulin and calculate (based on carb input)  the exact amount of insulin to be delivered.  Corrections can also be made. 



There are several approved CGM's in the market:


COMPANY          CGM   

Dexcom          G5 Mobile

Dexcom          G6
Medtronics      Minimed Paradigm     
                     Real Time with Enlite
Medtronics      Guardian Connect

Abbott            Free Style Libre Free 3

Eversense       Subcutaneous implant

Insulet            Omnipod Dash


Allows the user to fine tune their insulin therapy.

Alarm system warns when you’re out of an acceptable preset range either high or low.

Allows you and your health care team to spot trends especially while sleeping

Better HbA1C results

Found to reduce the rate of severe hypoglycemic events

Findings suggest that users spend more time in a normal BG range than those who employ BG meters and finger-prick.

FDA Approved  CGM’s
All consist of three components: a sensor, transmitter and receiver.

Basic Features include:
Trend arrows – up, down, stays the same, rapid changes.

Event markers  record daily activities.

Must change unit anywhere from three to seven days.

Pump integration with CGM's is found in Medtronics, and Tandem equipment.





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