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                                 updated 11/12/2019



BDF takes the following position:


Brittle Diabetes is rare - affecting approximately 70,000 in a US population of 323million.


There are several differences that distinguish a brittle diabetic from that of a stable Type 1 diabetic.


  • Brittleness has a cause which when identified and treated presently results in a 50% reversal rate to a stable Type 1 condition.


  • Brittle diabetes is not an uncommon complication of type 1 diabetes but rather a rare disease in its own right and a distinct and separate FORM of type 1.


  • People with Brittle diabetes can do everything right (optimized diet, exercise, carb counting and insulin regimen) and yet experience rapid unpredictable highs and lows in their BG levels.


  • Brittle Diabetes is best defined as an unstable, unpredictable and  uncontrolled rapid shift in BG  which causes ongoing disruption in everyday life.